Prelegent:Bartłomiej Gardas, dr,
Instytut Informatyki Teoretycznej i Stosowanej PAN,
Title:Simulations of physical systems with near-term annealing technology
Abstract:Recent years have witnessed an unprecedented increase in experiments and hybrid simulations involving quantum computers. In particular, quantum annealers. Although quantum supremacy has not been established thus far, there exist a plethora of algorithms promising to outperform classical computers in the near-term future. Here, we propose a parallel in time approach to simulate dynamical systems designed to be executed already on present-day quantum annealers. In essence, purely classical methods for solving dynamics systems are serial. Therefore, their parallelization is substantially limited. In the presented approach, however, the time evolution is rephrased as a ground-state search of a classical Ising model. Such a problem is solved intrinsically in parallel by quantum computers. The main idea is exemplified by simulating the Rabi oscillations generated by a two-level quantum system (i.e. qubit) experimentally.